Recycling Appliances and Electronics

30366345-Home-Electric-Appliances-Stock-VectorConsumers recycle their electronics and appliances for a number of reasons, ranging from wanting to upgrade their devices to desiring more energy-efficient items. Smart choices when recycling electronics can save the ground and water from contamination. As e-waste grows, the recycling and donating of these common home and personal items offers a practical solution to a modern and potentially dangerous problem. Going green with future electronics and appliance choices can help reduce environmental impact while also lowering energy bills. With a few great recycling strategies in hand, consumers can make conscientious decisions to help protect the environment now and in the future.

The Problem With E-Waste

Modern technological conveniences often make our lives easier, but improper disposal of these devices can negatively impact the environment. Developing countries are especially susceptible to the environmental ravages of old electronics, as a large percentage of the developed world’s e-waste is exported to these countries. Since regulation can be less stringent in developing countries, environmental laws protecting the earth and the region’s inhabitants can be rare. While ridding your house of unwanted or old electronics

Washing Machine Buying Guide

The washing machine is one of the longest-lasting appliances in your home. Use this buying guide to find one that fits your lifestyle.


Measure Your Space

  • Width: Keep in mind that washers and dryers need 1 inch of space on either side for air circulation.
  • Depth: Add 6 inches of space for door clearance, dryer vents and hookups.
  • Height: Top loaders need an added 20 inches of above-machine clearance for the door.

If space is at a premium, consider going vertical. There are many viable compact laundry centers – framed units that contain a washing machine and a dryer stacked one atop the other. Some freestanding front-loading washers and dryers may be stacked for space savings.

You’ll also need:

  • A floor with no more than a 1-inch slope
  • Hot and cold water lines within 3 feet of washer hookups
  • A 3- or 4-prong power cord, depending on the configuration of your outlet
  • A drain connection for wastewater

Tub Capacity

This term refers to the inside wash tub and is measured in cubic feet. A large-capacity washer lessens laundry loads, which is perfect for growing families and those who wash bulky items at home. For reference,

5 Awesome Life Hacks for Home Appliances

Appliances are built for convenience and simplicity, but you’re not using them to their full potential.

04_Household appliances

You’re a full-grown person, an adult. You can eat ice cream for breakfast if you darn well please. You can also choose to run up your utility bill like a deranged nobleman, engaging the Heavy Duty Steam Refresh Sanitize Cycle for a pair of lambskin riding gloves.

But chances are you’d rather save on said energy bill. Chances are you’d rather not worry about your home appliances. Chances are you’d find the following life hacks helpful and practical.


Lifehacker explains how you can use tennis balls to expedite the drying process in any clothes dryer. The balls help knock your clothes around and expose more of the fabric to hot air, preventing wrinkles from forming and removing any leftover moisture. However, the jury is still out on whether the green dye will leave an undesired color imprint on your fabric.

You can also make equal-sized balls from wool yarn or a bunch of rubber bands. The blog One Good Thing explains how the yarn functions as

The Benefits of Selling Your Used Kitchen Online

The Benefits of Selling Your Used Kitchen OnlineSelling a kitchen online is the best way to make use of the old one. When updating your kitchen, you do not have to lose money on the removal of the old one. This can help you to save money for the new additions or it can put money in your account to make up for the purchase of the new kitchen. Financially, it is the smartest thing you can do. You are getting rid of the kitchen anyway, so why should you spend money to have someone remove it when you can make money off the same task? A kitchen for sale is money in your pocket with no loss.

You are removing the kitchen no matter what. When you are doing a renovation, you are going to have the old kitchen torn down and sent somewhere. Most likely, it goes to the garbage. It may not matter to you, but it could be completely different. For the same task of removing the kitchen, you could make money. Instead of

Outdoor furnishing in wrought iron offers maximum durability

If you are trying to find garden furnishings, you need to think about several aspects, for example if the space to be furnished has awnings or cover, or if it will be close to a pool and at the mercy of damp clothing, or if you are able to keep the furniture in winter, and so on. Teak is lovely to look at, but is not an optimal option nonetheless for small spaces, as teak furniture can be very hefty and will take over the entire area. Cheap rattan furniture will work just as well; and is easy to move around.

Cast aluminium is an additional outstanding selection which is rapidly growing in popularity. This attractive, lightweight, resilient material is much easier to move around than furnishings in wood or wrought iron. Outdoor furniture in cast aluminium is really low maintenance and is made in several designs and colours, and to fit any pocket.

Outdoor furnishing in wrought iron offers maximum durability in any weather and is reasonably minimal upkeep; needing only the possible periodic repainting. The extreme weight of wrought iron makes manoeuvrability hard, however at the same time this suggests

Things to keep in mind while hiring the locksmith services

When you are in need of locking your property and have to go to another location, you want to find a safe and effective solution. At some times, there may be some chances to cause damage to the property, if you forget your locking system. So, you want to have the assistance to unlock your possessions like your home, car or any other. In fact, doing this on your own is impossible, because without key or easy access, you cannot get your belongings. For this purpose, the locksmith services which are offered to help you in these frustrating situations. In such a way, the specialist of the locksmith services has some tools and ability to get you back into your property with relative ease. So, they can ensure that you do not need to stick outside, waiting for longer. The locksmithservices have provided 24X7 services for the customer and so you can call them anytime when you have problems with your locks.

Even though, there are a lot of locksmith services which are offered throughout the world, it is very important to choose the best service to ensure your safety. So, the first thing which

Green Appliances

Whether you’re upgrading the appliances in your current home, or purchasing and installing appliances in a new home, appliances offer homeowners the chance to improve their quality of life, save money on utility bills, and do right by the environment, all in one easy step. If you’ve been searching for a no-nonsense guide to purchasing green home appliances, look no further. You’ve come to the right place.

Going Green with David Johnston
ServiceMagic understands that it can be tough for homeowners to wade through all the “green” appliance information out there, which is why we’ve teamed up with green remodeling expert David Johnston to provide you with the best, most accurate, green remodeling advice we possibly can. Johnston is the founder of the green consulting firm What’s Working, Inc., the author of multiple books on green remodeling (including the Nautilus Award winner Green Remodeling: Changing the World One Room at a Time), and he has more than decades of experience in the building industry. That makes him the perfect person to give you some sage advice on what to look for if you think green is the best color for your appliance needs.

The Cost of Green Appliances
First and foremost, homeowners